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Analyzing volatility risk and risk premium in option contracts: A new theory Peter Carr; Liuren Wu
Evaluating the impact of unconventional monetary policy measures: Empirical evidence from the ECB's securities markets programme Fabian Eser; Bernd Schwaab
Decision-making approaches and the propensity to default: Evidence and implications Jeffrey R. Brown; Anne M. Farrell; Scott Weisbenner
Product market competition, R&D Investment, and stock returns Lifeng Gu
Discerning information from trade data David Easley; Marcos M. Lopez de Prado; Maureen O'Hara
Disaster recovery and the term structure of dividend strips Michael Hasler; Roberto Marfe
Information trade-offs in dynamic financial markets Efstathios Avdis
Anxiety in the face of risk Thomas Eisenbach; Martin C. Schmalz
Time-to-produce, inventory, and asset prices Zhanhui Chen
Have financial markets become more informative? Jennie Bai; Thomas Philippon; Alexi Savov
Systemic risk and the macroeconomy: An empirical evaluation Stefano Giglio; Bryan T. Kelly; Seth Pruitt
Sentiments, financial markets, and macroeconomic fluctuations Jess Benhabib; Xuewen Liu; Pengfei Wang
The common factor in idiosyncratic volatility: Quantitative asset pricing implications Bernard Herskovic; Bryan T. Kelly; Hanno Lustig; Stijn van Nieuwerburgh
Can information be locked up? Informed trading ahead of macro-news announcements Gennaro Bernile; Jianfeng Hu; Yuehua Tang
Volatility risk premia and exchange rate predictability Pasquale Della Corte; Tarun Ramadorai; Lucio Sarno
Heuristic portfolio trading rules with capital gain taxes Marcel Fischer; Michael F. Gallmeyer
Who neglects risk? Investor experience and the credit boom Sergey Chernenko; Samuel G. Hanson; Adi Sunderam
Time is money: Rational life cycle inertia and the delegation of investment management Hugh H. Kim; Raimond Maurer; Olivia S. Mitchell
Ambiguity aversion and household portfolio choice puzzles: Empirical evidence Stephen G. Dimmock; Roy Kouwenberg; Olivia S. Mitchell; Kim Peijnenburg
State variables, macroeconomic activity, and the cross-section of individual stocks Martijn Boons
Roughing up beta: Continuous vs. discontinuous betas, and the cross-section of expected stock returns Tim Bollerslev; Sophia Zhengzi Li; Viktor Todorov
Disagreement, speculation, and aggregate investment Steven D. Baker; Burton Hollifield; Emilio Osambela
The cross sectional variation of volatility risk premia Ana Gonzalez-Urteaga; Gonzalo Rubio
Gambling preference and individual equity option returns Suk-Joon Byun; Da Hea Kim
Nominal price illusion Justin Birru; Baolian Wang
Early option exercise: Never say never Mads Vestergaard Jensen; Lasse H. Pedersen
Limited attention, marital events and hedge funds Yan Lu; Sugata Ray; Melvyn Teo
Market conditions, fragility and the economics of market making Amber Anand; Kumar Venkataraman
Rethinking reversals Timothy C. Johnson
Accruals, cash flows, and operating profitability in the cross section of stock returns Ray Ball; Joseph Gerakos; Juhani Linnainmaa; Valeri Nikolaev
Are retail traders compensated for providing liquidity? Jean-Noel Barrot; Ron Kaniel; David Sraer
A trend factor: Any economic gains from using information over investment horizons? Yufeng Han; Guofu Zhou; Yingzi Zhu
Asset allocation and monetary policy: Evidence from the Eurozone Harald Hau; Sandy Lai
Are Friday announcements special? Overcoming selection bias Roni Michaely; Amir Rubin; Alexander Vedrashko
Failure to refinance Benjamin Keys; Devin G. Pope; Jaren C. Pope
Performance measurement with selectivity, market and volatility timing Wayne Ferson; Haitao Mo
Capitalizing on capitol hill: Informed trading by hedge fund managers Meng Gao; Jiekun Huang
The influence of political bias in state pension funds Daniel Bradley; Christos Pantzalis; Xiaojing Yuan
Capital structure effects on the prices of equity call options Robert Geske; Avanidhar Subrahmanyam; Yi Zhou
Momentum crashes Kent D. Daniel; Tobias J. Moskowitz
Price and volatility co-jumps Federico M. Bandi; Roberto Reno
Does variance risk have two prices? Evidence from the equity and option markets Laurent Barras; Aytek Malkhozov
Why does the option to stock volume ratio predict stock returns? Li Ge; Tse-Chun Lin; Neil D. Pearson
Does Dodd-Frank affect OTC transaction costs and liquidity? Evidence from real-time CDS trade reports Yee Cheng Loon; Zhaodong(Ken) Zhong
The volatility of a firm's assets and the leverage effect Jaewon Choi; Matthew S. Richardson
Have we solved the idiosyncratic volatility puzzle? Kewei Hou; Roger K. Loh
Sovereign credit risk, liquidity, and ECB intervention: Deus ex machina? Loriana Pelizzon; Marti G. Subrahmanyam; Davide Tomio; Jun Uno
Short interest and aggregate stock returns David E. Rapach; Matthew C. Ringgenberg; Guofu Zhou
Market maturity and mispricing Heiko Jacobs
Institutional investors and stock return anomalies Roger Edelen; Ozgur S. Ince; Gregory Kadlec
Cyclicality, performance measurement, and cash flow liquidity in private equity David T. Robinson; Berk A. Sensoy
Patient capital outperformance: The investment skill of high active share managers who trade infrequently Martijn K.J. Cremers; Ankur Pareek
The expected returns and valuations of private and public firms Ilan Cooper; Richard Priestley
Quadratic variance swap models Damir Filipovic; Elise Gourier; Loriano Mancini
Liquidity, resiliency and market quality around predictable trades: Theory and evidence Hank Bessembinder; Allen Carrion; Laura Tuttle; Kumar Venkataraman
Comovement revisited Honghui Chen; Vijay Singal ; Robert F. Whitelaw
Should we be afraid of the dark? Dark trading and market quality Sean Foley; Talis J. Putnins
Short selling meets hedge fund 13F: An anatomy of informed demand Yawen Jiao; Massimo Massa; Hong Zhang
Shorting at close range: A tale of two types Carole Comerton-Forde; Charles Jones; Talis J. Putnins
Can analysts pick stocks for the long run? Oya Altinkilic; Robert S. Hansen; Liyu Ye
Reading the tea leaves: Model uncertainty, robust forecasts, and the autocorrelation of analysts' forecast errors Juhani Linnainmaa; Walter Torous; James Yae
Using options to measure the full value-effect of an event: Application to Obamacare Paul A. Borochin; Joseph H. Golec
Indexing and active fund management: International evidence Martijn K.J. Cremers; Miguel A. Ferreira; Pedro P. Matos; Laura Starks
Assessing asset pricing models using revealed preference Jonathan Berk; Jules van Binsbergen

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