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Borrower protection and the supply of credit: Evidence from foreclosure laws Jihad C. Dagher; Yangfan Sun
Playing it safe? Managerial preferences, risk, and agency conflicts Todd A. Gormley; David A. Matsa
Passive investors, not passive owners Ian R. Appel; Todd A. Gormley; Donald B. Keim
Adverse selection, slow moving capital and misallocation William Fuchs; Brett Green; Dimitris Papanikolaou
The impact of unconventional monetary policy on firm financing constraints: Evidence from the maturity extension program Nathan Foley-Fisher; Rodney Ramcharan; Edison Yu
What do private equity firms say they do? Paul Gompers; Steven N. Kaplan; Vladimir Mukharlyamov
The effects of takeover defenses: Evidence from closed-end funds Matthew E. Souther
The value of creditor control in corporate bonds Peter Feldhutter; Edith Hotchkiss; Oguzhan Karakas
The value of connections in turbulent times: Evidence from the United States Daron Acemoglu; Simon Johnson; Amir Kermani; James Kwak; Todd Mitton
Revolving doors on Wall Street Jess Cornaggia; Kimberly J. Cornaggia; Han Xia
Debt-equity choices, R&D investment and market timing Craig M. Lewis; Yongxian Tan
Optimal inside debt compensation and the value of equity and debt T. Colin Campbell; Neal Galpin; Shane A. Johnson
Target revaluation after failed takeover attempts - Cash versus stock Ulrike M. Malmendier; Marcus Opp; Farzad Saidi
Say on pay laws, executive compensation, pay slice, and firm valuation around the world Ricardo Correa; Ugur Lel
Local financial capacity and asset values: Evidence from bank failures Raghuram G. Rajan; Rodney Ramcharan
The value of a good credit reputation: Evidence from credit card renegotiations Andres Liberman
Mortgage companies and regulatory arbitrage Yuliya Demyanyk; Elena Loutskina
Securities trading by banks and credit supply: Micro-Evidence from the crisis Puriya Abbassi; Rajkamal Iyer; Jose Luis Peydro; Francesc R. Tous
Double bank runs and liquidity risk management Filippo Ippolito; Jose Luis Peydro; Andrea Polo; Enrico Sette
Does the geographic expansion of banks reduce risk? Martin Goetz; Luc Laeven; Ross Levine
Taxes and bank capital structure Glenn Schepens
CEO overconfidence and financial crisis: Evidence from bank lending and leverage Po-Hsin Ho; Chia-Wei Huang; Chih-Yung Lin; Ju-Fang Yen
Loans on sale: Credit market seasonality, borrower need, and lender rents Justin Murfin; Mitchell A. Petersen
Bridging the gap: The design of bank loan contracts and distance Stephan Hollander; Arnt Verriest
Corporate governance and risk management at unprotected banks: National banks in the 1890s Charles W. Calomiris; Mark Carlson
On secondary buyouts Francois Degeorge; Jens Martin ; Ludovic Phalippou
Fragility in money market funds: Sponsor support and regulation Cecilia Parlatore
Dual ownership, returns, and voting in mergers Andriy Bodnaruk; Marco Rossi
The ownership and trading of debt claims in Chapter 11 restructurings Victoria Ivashina; Benjamin Iverson; David C. Smith
The cost of friendship Paul Gompers; Vladimir Mukharlyamov; Yuhai Xuan
Can analysts assess fundamental risk and valuation uncertainty? An empirical analysis of scenario-based value estimates Peter Joos; Joseph D. Piotroski ; Suraj Srinivasan
Underwriter deal pipeline and the pricing of IPOs Kevin Boeh; Craig G. Dunbar
Does rating analyst subjectivity affect corporate debt pricing? Cesare Fracassi; Stefan Petry; Geoffrey Tate
Redacting proprietary information at the initial public offering Audra L. Boone; Ioannis V. Floros; Shane A. Johnson
Underwriter networks, investor attention and initial public offerings Emanuele Bajo; Thomas J. Chemmanur; Karen Simonyan; Hassan Tehranian
Investment and the weighted average cost of capital Murray Frank; Tao Shen
Why do firms use high discount rates? Ravi Jagannathan; David A. Matsa; Iwan Meier ; Vefa Tarhan
U.S. political corruption and firm financial policies Jared Smith
Socially responsible firms Allen Ferrell; Hao Liang; Luc Renneboog
Under new management: Equity issues and the attribution of past returns Malcolm Baker; Yuhai Xuan
Taxes and leverage at multinational corporations Michael W. Faulkender; Jason M. Smith
Leverage dynamics over the business cycle Michael Halling; Jin Yu ; Josef Zechner
Spare tire? Stock markets, banking crises, and economic recoveries Ross Levine; Chen Lin; Wensi Xie
Shareholder nonparticipation in valuable rights offerings: New findings for an old puzzle Clifford Holderness; Jeffrey Pontiff
The commitment problem of secured lending Daniela Fabbri; Anna Maria Menichini
The causal effect of option pay on corporate risk management Tor-Erik Bakke; Hamed Mahmudi; Chitru S. Fernando; Jesus M Salas
How do CEOs see their role? Management philosophy and styles in family and non-family firms William Mullins; Antoinette Schoar
The leverage externalities of credit default swaps Jay Y. Li; Dragon Yongjun Tang
The expected cost of default Brent Glover
How costly is corporate bankruptcy for the CEO? Espen Eckbo; Karin S. Thorburn; Wei Wang
Bankruptcy law and bank financing Giacomo Rodano; Nicolas Serrano-Velarde; Emanuele Tarantino
The product market effects of hedge fund activism Hadiye Aslan; Praveen Kumar
Corruption culture and corporate misconduct Xiaoding Liu
Stock repurchases and liquidity Alexander Hillert; Ernst Maug; Stefan Obernberger
The real effects of share repurchases Heitor Almeida; Vyacheslav Fos; Mathias Kronlund
Executive overconfidence and compensation structure Mark Humphery-Jenner; Ling Lei Lisic; Vikram K. Nanda; Sabatino Silveri
Golden hellos: Signing bonuses for new top executives Jin Xu; Jun Yang
Relative peer quality and firm performance Bill B. Francis; Iftekar Hasan; Sureshbabu Mani ; Pengfei Ye
Clouded judgment: The role of sentiment in credit origination Kristle Romero Cortes; Ran Duchin; Denis Sosyura

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