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Dynamic interventions and informational linkages Lin William Cong; Steven Grenadier; Yunzhi Hu
The job rating game: Revolving doors and analyst incentives Elisabeth Kempf
Squaring venture capital valuations with reality Will Gornall; Ilya A. Strebulaev
Exchanges of innovation resources inside venture capital portfolios Juanita Gonzalez-Uribe
How do venture capitalists make decisions? Paul Gompers; Will Gornall; Steven Kaplan; Ilya A. Strebulaev
Time to build and the real-options channel of residential investment Hyunseung Oh; Chamna Yoon
Quantify the quantitative easing: Impact on bonds and corporate debt issuance Karamfil Todorov
An ill wind? Terrorist attacks and CEO compensation Yunhao Dai; P. Raghavendra Rau; Aris Stouraitis; Weiqiang Tan; Philip E. Strahan
Reputations and credit ratings: Evidence from commercial mortgage-backed securities Ramin P. Baghai; Bo Becker
Financing dies in darkness? The impact of newspaper closures on public finance Pengjie (Paul) Gao; Chang Lee; Dermot Murphy
Institutional shareholders and corporate social responsibility Tao Chen; Hui Dong; Chen Lin
Inventor CEOs Emdad Islam; Jason Zein
Empirical analysis of corporate tax reforms: What is the null and where did it come from? Christopher Hennessy; Akidata Kasahara; Ilya A. Strebulaev
Leveraged buyouts and credit spreads Yael Eisenthal; Peter Feldhutter; Vikrant Vig
Are early stage investors biased against women? Michael Ewens; Richard R. Townsend
Employment effects of unconventional monetary policy: Evidence from QE Stephan Luck; Tom Zimmermann
Governance through shame and aspiration: Index creation and corporate behavior Akash Chattopadhyay; Matthew D. Shaffer; Charles C.Y. Wang
Does size matter? Bailouts with large and small banks Eduardo Davila; Ansgar Walther
Adverse selection and the performance of private equity co-investments Reiner Braun; Tim Jenkinson; Christoph Schemmerl
Does protectionist anti-takeover legislation lead to managerial entrenchment? Marc Frattaroli
Real effects of workers' financial distress: Evidence from teacher spillovers Gonzalo Maturana; Jordan Nickerson
Competition and cooperation in mutual fund families Richard B. Evans; Rafael Galacho Zambrana; Melissa Porras Prado
Monetary stimulus and bank lending Indraneel Chakraborty; Itay Goldstein; Andrew MacKinlay
Stress tests and small business lending Kristle Romero Cortes; Yuliya Demyanyk; Lei Li; Elena Loutskina
Does the stock market make firms more productive? Benjamin Bennett; René M. Stulz; Zexi Wang
The creation and evolution of entrepreneurial public markets Shai Benjamin Bernstein; Abhishek Dev; Josh Lerner
Capital requirements, risk choice, and liquidity provision in a business cycle model Juliane Maria Begenau
I can see clearly now: The impact of disclosure requirements on 401(k) fees Dominique C. Badoer; Charles P. Costello; Christopher James
Risky bank guarantees Taneli Makinen; Lucio Sarno; Gabriele Zinna
Medicaid and household savings behavior: New evidence from tax refunds Emily A. Gallagher; Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Michal Grinstein-Weiss; Jorge Sabat
Do dividends convey information about future earnings? Charles Ham; Zachary Kaplan; Mark T. Leary
Democracy and credit Manthos Delis; Iftekar Hasan; Steven Ongena
Locked in by leverage: Job search during the housing crisis Jennifer L. Brown; David A. Matsa;
Reducing information frictions in venture capital: The role of new venture competitions Sabrina T. Howell
Blockholder voting Heski Bar-Isaac; Joel Shapiro;
Agency conflicts and short- vs. long-termism in corporate policies Sebastian Gryglewicz; Simon Mayer; Erwan Morellec
The redistributive effects of bank capital regulation Elena Carletti; Robert Marquez; Silvio Petriconi
Information flows among rivals and corporate investment Darren Bernard; Terrence Blackburne; Jacob R. Thornock
Liquidity supply by broker-dealers and real activity Jonathan Goldberg
Managerial control benefits and takeover market efficiency Wenyu Wang; Yufeng Wu
Dancing with activists Lucian A Bebchuk; Alon Brav; Wei Jiang; Thomas Keusch
The financing of local government in China: Stimulus loan wanes and shadow banking waxes Zhuo Chen; Zhiguo He; Chun Liu
Off-balance sheet funding, voluntary support and investment efficiency Anatoli Segura; Jing Zeng;
Who’s paying attention? Measuring common ownership and its impact on managerial incentives Erik Gilje; Todd A. Gormley; Doron Levit
Short-term debt and incentives for risk-taking Marco Della Seta; Erwan Morellec; Francesca Zucchi
The persistent effect of initial success: Evidence from venture capital Ramana Nanda; Sampsa Samila; Olav Sorenson
Concentration of control rights in leveraged loan syndicates Mitchell Berlin; Gregory P. Nini; Edison Yu
Investor ideology Patrick Bolton; Tao Li; Enrichetta Ravina; Howard Rosenthal
Cheap-stock tunneling around preemptive rights Jesse Fried; Holger Spamann
Disguised corruption: Evidence from consumer credit in China Sumit Agarwal; Wenlan Qian; Amit Seru; Jian Zhang
The economic impact of right-to-work laws: Evidence from collective bargaining agreements and corporate policies Sudheer Chava; Andras Danis ; Alex Hsu
The paradox of pledgeability Jason Roderick Donaldson; Denis Gromb; Giorgia Piacentino
Is there a paradox of pledgeability? Mark Daniel Bernhardt; Kostas Koufopoulos; Giulio Trigilia
CEO-board dynamics John Graham; Hyunseob Kim; Mark T. Leary
CEOs' outside opportunities and relative performance evaluation: Evidence from a natural experiment Ke Na
Emergency loans and collateral upgrades: How broker-dealers used federal reserve credit during the 2008 financial crisis Mark Carlson; Marco Macchiavelli
At the table but can't break through the glass ceiling: Board leadership positions elude diverse directors Laura Casares Field; Matthew E. Souther; Adam S. Yore
Active catering to dividend clienteles: Evidence from takeovers Andrey Golubov; Meziane Lasfer; Valeriya Vitkova
Limited liability and investment: Evidence from changes in marital property laws in the U.S. South, 1840-1850 Peter Koudijs; Laura Salisbury
Can ethics be taught? Evidence from securities exams and investment adviser misconduct Zachary T. Kowaleski; Andrew G. Sutherland; Felix W. Vetter
Debt collection agencies and the supply of consumer credit Viktar Fedaseyeu
The timing and consequences of seasoned equity offerings: A regression discontinuity approach Amy Dittmar; Ran Duchin; Shuran Zhang
How does labor market size affect firm capital structure? Evidence from large plant openings Hyunseob Kim
Credit and social unrest: Evidence from 1930s China Fabio Braggion; Alberto Manconi; Haikun Zhu
Does the lack of financial stability impair the transmission of monetary policy? Viral V. Acharya; Bjorn Imbierowicz; Sascha Steffen; Daniel Teichmann
All the president’s friends: Political access and firm value Jeffrey R. Brown; Jiekun Huang
Board structure, director expertise, and advisory role of outside directors Sheng-Syan Chen; Yan-Shing Chen; Jun-Koo Kang; Shu-Cing Peng
Activism and empire building Nickolay Gantchev; Merih Sevilir ; Anil Shivdasani
Capital gains taxation and funding for start-ups Alexander Edwards; Maximilian Todtenhaupt
CoCo issuance and bank fragility Stefan Avdjiev; Bilyana Bogdanova; Patrick Bolton; Wei Jiang
Financial intermediation and capital reallocation Hengjie Ai; Kai Li ; Fang Yang
Bank net worth and frustrated monetary policy Alexander K. Zentefis
The effect of minority veto rights on controller pay tunneling Jesse Fried; Ehud Kamar; Yishay Yafeh
Persuasion in relationship finance Ehsan Azarmsa; Lin William Cong
Policy uncertainty and corporate credit spreads Mahsa S. Kaviani; Lawrence Kryzanowski; Hosein Maleki; Pavel Savor; Anastasia V. Kartasheva

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