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Growth through rigidity: An explanation for the rise in CEO pay Kelly Shue; Richard R. Townsend
Debt enforcement, investment, and risk taking across countries Giovanni Favara; Erwan Morellec; Enrique Schroth; Philip Valta
Systematic mistakes in the mortgage markets and lack of financial sophistication Sumit Agarwal; Itzhak Ben-David; Vincent Yao
Dealer financial conditions and lender-of-last-resort facilities Viral V. Acharya; Michael Fleming; Warren B. Hrung; Asani Sarkar
Customer concentration and loan contract terms Murillo Campello; Janet Gao
How collateral laws shape lending and sectoral activity Charles W. Calomiris; Mauricio Larrain; Jose Maria Liberti; Jason Sturgess
Pilot CEOs and corporate innovation Jayanthi Sunder; Shyam V. Sunder; Jingjing Zhang
Intangible Capital and the Investment-q Relation Ryan H. Peters; Lucian A. Taylor
Leverage and strategic preemption: Lessons from entry plans and incumbent investments J. Anthony Cookson
The impact of firm prestige on executive compensation Florens Focke; Ernst Maug; Alexandra Niessen-Ruenzi
Customer-supplier relationships and corporate tax avoidance Ling Cen; Edward Maydew; Liandong Zhang; Luo Zuo
Do staggered boards harm shareholders? Yakov Amihud; Stoyan Stoyanov
The U.S. listing gap Craig Doidge; Andrew Karolyi; René M. Stulz
The effect of director experience on acquisition performance Laura Casares Field; Anahit Mkrtchyan
Explaining CEO retention in misreporting firms Messod D. Beneish; Cassandra Marshall ; Jun Yang
Independent boards and innovation Benjamin Balsmeier; Lee Fleming; Gustavo Manso
Why do loans contain covenants? Evidence from lending relationships Robert Prilmeier
Diversification and cash dynamics Tor-Erik Bakke; Tiantian Gu
Risk, ambiguity, and the exercise of employee stock options Yehuda Izhakian; David Yermack
Do corporate taxes hinder innovation? Abhiroop Mukherjee; Manpreet Singh; Alminas Zaldokas
Financial dependence and innovation: The case of public versus private firms Viral V. Acharya; Zhaoxia Xu
Do exogenous changes in passive institutional ownership affect corporate governance and firm value? Cornelius Schmidt; Ruediger Fahlenbrach
Compensation goals and firm performance Benjamin Bennett; J. Carr Bettis; Radhakrishnan Gopalan; Todd Milbourn
It pays to write well Byoung-Hyoun Hwang; Hugh Hoikwang Kim
Credit default swaps, exacting creditors and corporate liquidity management Marti G. Subrahmanyam; Dragon Yongjun Tang; Sarah Qian Wang
Changes in corporate effective tax rates over the past 25 years Scott D. Dyreng; Michelle Hanlon; Edward Maydew; Jacob R. Thornock
Do takeover laws matter? Evidence from five decades of hostile takeovers Matthew Cain; Stephen B. McKeon; Steven Davidoff Solomon
Political uncertainty and investment: Causal evidence from U.S. gubernatorial elections Candace Jens
The effects of removing barriers to equity issuance Matthew Gustafson; Peter Iliev
Investment banking relationships and analyst affiliation bias: The impact of the global settlement on sanctioned and non-sanctioned banks Shane A. Corwin; Stephannie Larocque; Mike Stegemoller
Large shareholders and credit ratings Simi Kedia; Shivaram Rajgopal; Xing Zhou
CEO talent, CEO compensation and product market competition Hae Won Jung; Ajay Subramanian
Board reforms and firm value: Worldwide evidence Larry Fauver; Mingyi Hung; Xi Li ; Alvaro Taboada
Tracing out capital flows: How financially integrated banks respond to natural disasters Kristle Romero Cortes; Philip E. Strahan
Offshore activities and financial vs operational hedging Gerard Hoberg; S. Katie Moon
Reputation and signaling in asset sales Barney Hartman-Glaser
Bank capital, liquid reserves, and insolvency risk Julien Hugonnier; Erwan Morellec
U.S. multinationals and cash holdings Tiantian Gu
Employment protection and takeovers Olivier Dessaint; Andrey Golubov; Paolo Volpin
Option repricing, corporate governance, and the effect of shareholder empowerment Huseyin Gulen; William J. Obrien
Ambiguity and the corporation: Group disagreement and underinvestment Lorenzo Garlappi; Ron Giammarino; Ali Lazrak
Interbank networks in the national banking era: Their purpose and their role in the panic of 1893 Charles W. Calomiris; Mark Carlson
Debt correlations in the wake of the financial crisis: What are appropriate default correlations for structured products? Jordan Nickerson; John M. Griffin
Fire sale discount: Evidence from the sale of minority equity stakes I. Serdar Dinc; Isil Erel ; Rose C. Liao
Reexamining staggered boards and shareholder value Alma Cohen; Charles C.Y. Wang
Activism mergers Nicole M. Boyson; Nickolay Gantchev; Anil Shivdasani
The source of information in prices and investment-price sensitivity Alex Edmans; Sudarshan Jayaraman; Jan Schneemeier
Do managers overreact to salient risks? Evidence from hurricane strikes Olivier Dessaint; Adrien Matray
Are foreign investors locusts? The long-term effects of foreign institutional ownership Jan Bena; Miguel A. Ferreira; Pedro P. Matos; Pedro Pires
The effects of institutional investor objectives on firm valuation and governance Paul A. Borochin; Jie Yang
Merger activity in industry equilibrium Theodosios Dimopoulos; Stefano Sacchetto
Are corporate inversions good for shareholders? Anton Babkin; Brent Glover; Oliver Levine
Rollover risk as market discipline: A two-sided inefficiency Thomas Eisenbach
Acquiring growth Oliver Levine
Idiosyncratic risk and the manager Brent Glover; Oliver Levine
Employee bargaining power, inter-firm competition, and equity-based compensation Francesco Bova; Liyan Yang
The effects of credit default swap trading on information asymmetry in syndicated loans Dan Amiram; William Beaver; Wayne R. Landsman; Jianxin Zhao
Staggered boards and long-term firm value, revisited Martijn K.J. Cremers; Lubomir P. Litov; Simone M. Sepe
Capital utilization, market power, and the pricing of investment shocks Lorenzo Garlappi; Zhongzhi Song
Offshore schemes and tax evasion: The role of banks Lucy Chernykh; Sergey Mityakov
Shaped by their daughters: Executives, female socialization, and corporate social responsibility Henrik Cronqvist; Frank Yu
Advising shareholders in takeovers Doron Levit

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