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The globalization of angel investments: Evidence across countries Joshua Lerner; Antoinette Schoar; Stanislav Sokolinski; Karen Wilson
The real effects of credit defaults Andras Danis; Andrea Gamba
The buyers’ perspective on security design: Hedge funds and convertible bond call provisions Bruce Grundy; Patrick Verwijmeren
Non-rating revenue and conflicts of interest Ramin P. Baghai ; Bo Becker
Capital gains lock-in and governance choices Stephen G. Dimmock; William C. Gerken; Zoran Ivkovic; Scott Weisbenner
The option to quit: The effect of employee stock options on turnover Serdar Aldatmaz; Paige Ouimet; Edward D. Van Wesep
Pay me now (and later): Pension benefit manipulation before plan freezes and executive retirement Irina Stefanescu; Yupeng Wang; Kangzhen Xie ; Jun Yang
When arm’s length is too far. Relationship banking over the credit cycle Thorsten Beck; Hans Degryse; Ralph De Haas; Neeltje Van Horen
Threat of entry and debt maturity: Evidence from airlines Gianpaolo Parise
Liquidity risk and maturity management over the credit cycle Atif Mian; Joao Santos
Taxation and executive compensation: Evidence from stock options Andrew Bird
Employee representation and financial leverage Chen Lin; Thomas Schmid; Yuhai Xuan
The consequences of managerial indiscretions: Sex, lies, and firm value Brandon N. Cline; Ralph Walkling; Adam S. Yore
Resaleable debt and systemic risk Jason Roderick Donaldson; Eva Micheler
Securitization bubbles: Structured finance with disagreement about default risk Tobias Broer
Are overconfident CEOs better leaders? Evidence from stakeholder commitments J. Kenny Phua; T. Mandy Tham; Chishen Wei
Board diversity, firm risk, and corporate policies Gennaro Bernile; Vineet Bhagwat; Scott E. Yonker
Busy directors and firm performance: Evidence from mergers Roie Hauser
Can financial innovation succeed by catering to behavioral preferences? Evidence from a callable options market Xindan Li; Avanidhar Subrahmanyam; Xuewei Yang
Do universal banks finance riskier but more productive firms? Daniel Neuhann; Farzad Saidi
Protection of trade secrets and capital structure decisions Sandy Klasa; Hernan Ortiz-Molina; Matthew A. Serfling; Shweta Srinivasan
Cash windfalls and acquisitions Bastian von Beschwitz
Bid anticipation, information revelation, and merger gains Wenyu Wang
The effects of q and cash flow on investment in the presence of measurement error Andrew Abel
CEO attributes, compensation, and firm value: Evidence from a structural estimation Beau Page
Cost of experimentation and the evolution of venture capital Michael Ewens; Ramana Nanda; Matthew Rhodes-Kropf
Are stock-financed takeovers opportunistic? Espen Eckbo; Tanakorn Makaew; Karin S. Thorburn
Managerial myopia and the mortgage meltdown Adam C. Kolasinski; Nan Yang
Playing favorites: Conflicts of interest in mutual fund management Diane DelGuercio; Egemen Genc; Hai Tran
Are institutional investors with multiple blockholdings effective monitors? Jun-Koo Kang; Juan Luo; Hyun-Seung Na
Flexible prices and leverage Francesco D'Acunto; Ryan Liu; Carolin Pflueger; Michael Weber
Human capital relatedness and mergers and acquisitions Kyeong Hun Lee; David C. Mauer; Qianying (Emma) Xu
The effects of media slant on firm behavior Vishal P. Baloria; Jonas Heese
Spillovers from "good-news" and other bankruptcies: Real effects and price responses Nina Baranchuk; Michael Rebello
Warehouse banking Jason Roderick Donaldson; Giorgia Piacentino; Anjan Thakor
Cyclical investment behavior across financial institutions Yannick Timmer
Capital gains taxation and the cost of capital: Evidence from unanticipated cross-border transfers of tax bases Harry Huizinga; Johannes Voget ; Wolf Wagner
Tax distortions and bond issue pricing Mattia Landoni
Equity issuances and agency costs: The telling story of shareholder approval around the world Clifford Holderness
Financing as a supply chain: The capital structure of banks and borrowers Will Gornall; Ilya A. Strebulaev
Does policy uncertainty affect mergers and acquisitions? Alice Bonaime; Huseyin Gulen; Mihai Ion
Private equity portfolio company fees Ludovic Phalippou; Christian Rauch; Marc P. Umber
The effect of mortgage securitization on foreclosure and modification Samuel Arthur Kruger
Loan prospecting and the loss of soft information Sumit Agarwal; Itzhak Ben-David
In search of ideas: Technological innovation and executive pay inequality Carola Frydman; Dimitris Papanikolaou
Creditor rights and innovation: Evidence from patent collateral William Mann
Patent collateral, investor commitment and the market for venture lending Yael Hochberg; Carlos J. Serrano; Rosemarie Ham Ziedonis
Managing stigma during a financial crisis Sriya Anbil
Financing investment spikes when the tax code favors equity: U.S. firms in the years surrounding World War I Leonce Bargeron; David Denis; Kenneth Lehn
How does hedge fund activism reshape corporate innovation? Alon Brav; Wei Jiang; Song Ma; Xuan Tian
Inefficiencies and externalities from opportunistic acquirers Di Li; Lucian A. Taylor; Wenyu Wang
Does improved information improve incentives? Pierre Chaigneau; Alex Edmans; Daniel Gottlieb
Corporate governance of banks and financial stability Deniz Anginer; Asli Demirguc-Kunt; Harry Huizinga; Kebin Ma
Are CEOs born leaders? Lessons from traits of a million individuals Renee B. Adams; Matti Keloharju; Samuli Knupfer
Do elections delay regulatory action? J. Tyler Leverty; Martin F. Grace
Fintech, regulatory arbitrage, and the rise of shadow banks Greg Buchak; Gregor Matvos; Tomasz Piskorski; Amit Seru
Corporate debt maturity profiles Jaewon Choi; Dirk Hackbarth; Josef Zechner
Government guarantees and the two-way feedback between banking and sovereign debt crises Agnese Leonello
Investment, Tobin's q, and interest rates Xiaoji Lin; Chong Wang; Neng Wang; Jinqiang Yang
Director skill sets Renee B. Adams; Ali Akyol ; Patrick Verwijmeren

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