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Instructions for Preparing Electronic Documents


Electronic submissions must be submitted as email attachments in the form of Microsoft Word or PDF files (send to JFE email ). Since the Journal of Financial Economics uses a double-blind refereeing process (the author and the referee do not know each others' identity), it is important that the electronic document hides the identity of the author.

If you submit Microsoft Word documents, please send two copies of the title page. The first version of the title page should contain the following information: (i) the title; (ii) the name(s) and institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s); (iii) an abstract of not more than 100 words. A footnote on the same sheet should give the name, address, telephone number, fax number, and e-mail address of the corresponding author. The second version of the title page should omit (ii) the name(s) and institutional affiliation(s) of the author(s) and the footnote identifying the corresponding author. In this case, the JFE editorial office will prepare a PDF file to be sent to a referee. The body of the paper should be double-spaced with at least 1 inch margins and 11 point fonts.

If you submit PDF files, it is important that you create a document which can be sent to a referee that hides your identity and that can be viewed and printed on most computer systems. The steps below will help you achieve this goal. Any submission of PDF files that does not meet these standards will not be entered into the JFE review process.

  1. Include a separate title page that includes the information spelled about above identifying the authors and their contact information. The title page for the main document submitted for review should be anonymous.
  2. Using Adobe Acrobat to edit your PDF file, open the File > D ocument Properties (also available as "Control-D") menu, then erase the information on the "Title" and "Author" of the document.
  3. Please be sure to embed all fonts in the document. Also, use the "print optimized" option and at least 600 bpi resolution.
  4. Do NOT protect or secure your document to prevent editing, printing, etc. Also, do not use a digital signature with your PDF file.
  5. After creating your PDF file, test it on a different computer to make sure that it appears on the screen and in print as you want it to.
  6. If you do not own Adobe Acrobat, you can try to use the free service available on the Adobe web site .

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