The Journal of Financial Economics or JFE is a peer-reviewed academic journal covering theoretical and empirical topics in financial economics.
Together with the Journal of Finance and the Review of Financial Studies,
it is considered to be among the top three finance journals.

The Latest JFE News
  Effective January 1, 2020, the submission fee has increased to $900 for personal subscribers and $1,000 for non-subscribers. More details are available here.  
  Effective July 1, 2020, David Hirshleifer will join the JFE as a Co-Editor.  
  Vote for Best JFE Paper in 2019. Jensen Papers or Fama-DFA Papers  
  According to the latest issue of Journal Citation Reports, the JFE ranked fourth among finance journals in 2018.  
  Joint editorial by the editors of the Review of Finanical Studies, Journal of Financial Economics, and the Journal of Finance.  
  The JFE now accepts payments using PayPal. Authors wishing to pay submission fees should go to the payments page.  

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