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G. William Schwert
Managing Editor, Journal of Financial Economics

Effective January 1, 2020, the submission fee schedule is:

  1. For personal subscribers to the JFE, $900 (institutional subscriptions by your employer do not count)
  2. For non-subscribers to the JFE, $1,000.

As always, fees on the last submission are refunded for accepted papers. Resubmissions are generally required to pay another fee unless the editor explicitly waives this requirement. Submission fees are also refunded when, in the editor's judgment, the delay in providing a report and decision letter is abnormally long. Submission fees involved in disputes between authors and referees can be found at the JFE dispute web page.

The Two-stage Review Process

I will screen all submissions and determine whether, even if the claims of the authors are correct, the topic of the paper is of sufficiently broad interest to warrant publication in the JFE. If I determine that the paper does not meet that standard, I will send a quick rejection letter and refund all but $150 of the submission fee. The submitting author will receive no referee's report and there will be no right of appeal. My goal is to have fewer referees' reports that merely say "this paper is OK, but just not interesting/broad enough for the JFE." This outcome is expensive for authors, referees, and editors, and the feedback received by authors typically does not improve their papers very much.

Authors who are personal subscribers:

Personal Subscriber options

Authors who are not personal subscribers:

Non-subscriber options

Authors who have to pay the $150 "quick rejection" fee:

If you do not want to use PayPal

  • You can mail a check written on a U.S. bank for the appropriate fee, or
  • You can use Zelle.

We cannot accept bank transfers.


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