Journal of Financial Economics
A Retrospective Evaluation, 1974-91

G. William Schwert

University of Rochester, Rochester, NY 14627
and National Bureau of Economic Research
Journal of Financial Economics, 33 (June 1993) 369-424
Data for the 516 papers published in volumes 1-30 of the Journal of Financial Economics in the period 1974-91 are analyzed. 477 authors from 136 institutions contributed papers, and these papers received 16,231 citations according to the Social Science Citation Index . Lists of authors and institutions who have contributed the most papers to the JFE and a list of the most highly-cited JFE papers show why the Journal has been sucessful in influencing the finance and economics literature during its first 18 years.

Key words: Citations, impact factor

JEL Classifications: G10, D23


Figures -- Cited 20 times in the SSCI through 2014

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