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We are frequently asked for copies of articles that have been published in the JFE . This web page is operated by the Editor's Office of the JFE . We do not represent the publisher, Elsevier, nor are we a library. We often get requests that should properly be directed to a librarian. Rather than send repetitive email messages, such requests will be directed to this web page.

Elsevier, the publisher of the JFE , has recently introduced a "pay-per-view" option for ScienceDirect® ( that allows individuals (with a credit card) to download full text JFE articles in HTML or PDF formats. The price is $31.50 per article.

If for some reason the ScienceDirect option does not solve your problem in accessing the JFE online, there are several commercial vendors that include the JFE among the journals that are covered. Many of these services can fax and/or email full-text of these articles, sometimes on an expedited basis.

Users should be aware that obtaining articles from these sources can be quite expensive . The alternative of finding a copy of the JFE in a local library will usually be much cheaper.


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